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Alumni and Parents Speak

Shilpi Kumari
Batch : 2005-2009
Branch :  IT
Currently Employed at : JP Morgan Chase Bank
My View about Mody University : One thing which Mody university taught me was being a MULTITASKER and this has not only helped me to grow professionally but personally as well. Since College days we were taught to be active in each and every field..... be it education or sports or co-curricular activities. Hence here i am ...a PROUD ALUMNI :)

Himali Chhabra
Batch : 2010-2015
Branch : ECE-MBA
Currently Employed at : Sanguine Global Consultance
My View about Mody University : I miss MUST more than my home. MUST is just like heaven on earth. Co-oprative teachers, helping and naughty friends, i miss all this.

Varshi Gupta
Batch: 2010-2014
Branch: CSE
Currently Employed at: Accenture
My View about Mody UniversityMody University is the perfect alma mater for any student providing an amalgam of state of art infrastructure and quality of teaching. I am lucky to have been a part of such a prestigious institution and I wish the best to all the future students of university.

Reshma Dokania
Batch: 2005-2009
Branch: IT
Currently Employed at : Microsoft
My View about Mody UniversityMody University laid the foundation of whatever I have achieved today. In my opinion, it's a classic example of empowering women both personally and technologically.

I would consider myself blessed if I do get a chance to contribute in the success of the students at Mody University.

Purna Choudhary
Batch: 2007-2011
Branch: ECE
Currently Employed at: Accenture
My View about Mody UniversityEvery single experience at an all girls university teaches one alot; whether it is academics, inter/intra college fests, college committees or foundation day, every experience has bettered my personality. The state of the art infrastructure and the proficiency courses are something that always makes an alumni proud off. The subject knowledge given by teachers is still a strong base in my industry experience, I am privileged to be a part of Mody University fraternity and would always recommend it for my near and dear ones.

Radhika Gupta
Batch: 2010-14
Branch: ECE
Campus placement: Accenture
My View about Mody UniversityThe institution instilled in me the grounds of knowledge because of which I am Capable to pursue my postgraduation. MUST is a vision for imparting knowledge.With its supportive faculty and secured environment, it is one university that works towards benefiting it's students in every field. I was transformed into a better and knowledgeable person.

Shivani Pathak Patel
Branch: M.Tech CSE
Currently Employed at:  Tata Consultancy Services
My View about Mody UniversityA perfect place to study and pursue your goals with best in class faculties and facilities and Lifetime memories to cherish.

Richa Chakravarty
Batch: 2005-2009
Currently Employed at: Scientist/ Engineer 'SD', Space Applications Center (SAC) , Indian Space Research organization (ISRO), Ahmedabad.

My View about Mody UniversityIts more than a decade , I entered the corridors of Mody with dreams of becoming an engineer. I am what I am all due to my Alma Mater....It not only nurtured dreams of a young engineer but also helped me carve a niche for myself in the society...

Aakanksha Hajela
Batch: 2005 - 2009
Currently Employed at: IBM (S&D)
My View about Mody University: Mody University played a pivotal role in my career by strengthening the foundation blocks by virtue of its thorough and well designed course coupled with varied activities and group work that in turn, shaped my overall personality . The 4 phenomenal years of my life revolved around the beautiful campus and the solid technology knowledge that Mody University provided me, and I can now reflect upon and say that every bit of that investment has been worth it and has been a star which is shining brightly in my life.

Esshu Garg
Batch: 2005-2009
Branch: IT
Currently Employed at: HDFC
My View about Mody University: I would say i have alot of memories with mody university. It was just me, my friends and campus in all those 4 years that made our life worth living. Campus in itself is sufficient to roam around. Even after 7 years i praise my university and recommend everyone to experience it once. I have been there 3-4 times and i feel proud to be a part of it for lifetime.

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