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Finishing School Concept

Finishing School Concept:

Finishing School is a new concept in which curriculum is developed for students to prepare them for requirements of industries. The Finishing school aims to provide skills both technical and soft skills to facilitate student's employability and play a part in the supply side issues (of talent) of the industry. It is an intelligent combination of training, technology and fun in learning, in which fresh graduates are mould into priced assets who are ready to face any challenge head-on and we craft a student to be a winner forever.

Why Finishing School?

  • To nurture excellence in professionalism finishing school concept is a significant value adds towards the commitment in building leaders out of the students.
  • To develop a deep understanding of corporate psychodynamics and expectations from .employees
  • To help students experience the elements of persona building and self grooming
  • To take students on a journey through choosing the right job into understanding the mind of the recruiter to make it there while building competence in elements like resume building, cover letters, email etiquette, interviews and follow-ups.
  • To induct students on body language and differentiation techniques to leave a lasting positive impression on the recruiter's mind.
  • To familiarize students with the professional networking skills which they can use to find jobs for themselves and others; there by contributing to the institutional placement cell.
  • To inspire students with the skills and techniques to positively brand his/her institution in corporate world right from the first interview faced.

In-House Training Module Emphasizes On:

  • Self Assessment
  • Effective Communication Skills
  • Problem Solving Skills
  • Lateral Thinking
  • Group Dynamics

Services to be procured from the 3rd party agency:

  • Training for Aptitude (Quantitative, Verbal and Logical Reasoning)
  • Students assessment on Aptitude and GD-PI
  • Analysis of student's performance
  • Industry Awareness sessions
  • Technical and Domain expertise

In Addition to that:

  • There are regular tests in every batch and then performance evaluation with proper feedback and areas of improvements.
  • Vocabulary and aptitude sessions are also there in every semester in order to improve the vocabulary through various exercises.
  • Many activities and workshops are there for enhancing professional and aptitude skills.
  • Mock / Surprise tests are being scheduled after regular class hours.
  • Guest Lectures / Workshops are being scheduled in addition to the regular scheduled sessions.

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