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Career Development Centre is a Central Department of Mody University, responsible for the Training & Placement of the students of all the Faculties of the University. The department is functional throughout the year, in the interest of students.

  • To assist students in identifying and developing their academic and career interests, and to set their short-term and long-term goals through individual counseling and group sessions.
  • To generate the awareness in the students regarding future career options available to them.
  • To groom the students with balanced set of technical skills, interpersonal skills and with a positive attitude towards life
  • To arrange various training programmes for the students to make them 'Industry Ready', by the time they graduate from the Institute and enhance their employability in Job Market.
  • To act as a seamless conduit between the industry and the Institute and provide quality technical manpower to suit every organizational need.
  • To act as a single window nodal point for career counseling and higher learning.
  • To act as a link between students, alumni and the employers.
  • To set up the Training Infrastructure for conducting value added training programmes and enhance the employability of students
    a. To arrange various students' training programmes, like:
    i. On board training
    ii. On Campus training
    • Remote Internship
    • Webinar
    • Post Selection training
    • Through the in-campus Laboratory setup by the concerned company
    • Through our University set up
    b. To arrange the semester internship and Campus Recruitment Process.
    • To strive for Cent Percent Placement of the eligible students of all Faculties of the University.
    • To serve the community at large by grooming highly efficient and competent professionals.

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