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Prof. D. K. Agrawal
Prof. D. K. Agrawal(Professor & Dean)
Professor of Marketing and Supply Chain Management.

Research Interest :
Prof. Agrawal has been a very active researcher with interest in the integration of multi discipline within the gamut of management, especially Marketing, Supply Chain, Strategy and Information Technology.

Dr. B.S. Rathore
Dr. B.S. Rathore(Associate Professor)
MBA, Ph.D.

Research Interest :
OB & HR- Compensation Systems and Work Life Conflict

Dr. Manish Didwania
Dr. Manish Didwania(Associate Professor)
M.Com., Ph.D.

Research Interest :
Accounts and Finance, Rural Management, Microfinance, Portfolio Management, Economic Indicators

Dr. Pradeep Kautish
Dr. Pradeep Kautish(Associate Professor)
Area Chair " Marketing, and International Business Area

Research Interest :
Marketing Management / Consumer Behavior/ Brand Management/ Sales & Distribution Management/International Marketing / Marketing of Services / Export Marketing

Dr. Dhiresh Kulshrestha
Dr. Dhiresh Kulshrestha(Associate Professor)
Ph.D. in Economics

Research Interest :
Poverty and social monitoring studies to analyse economic and social inequalities, Public distribution system, studies on Self Help Groups and Microeconomic theory, Agriculture diversification and agricultural developmental studies, Crop Insurance in India: Issues and Challenges

Dr. Divya Mathur
Dr. Divya Mathur(Assistant Professor)

Research Interest :
Marketing management, Advertising & salespromotion. Sales & Distribution Management Consumer Behaviour

Dr. Ashish Kumar Sharma
Dr. Ashish Kumar Sharma(Assistant Professor)
Ph.D., MPhil (Management), NET (Management), AMT (Marketing Management), MSc (Hons) Chemistry, MBA

Research Interest :
Marketing Management

Dr. Ajay Verma
Dr. Ajay Verma(Assistant Professor)
M.Com., Ph.D.

Research Interest :
Banking & Finance

Dr. Priyanka Jain
Dr. Priyanka Jain(Assistant Professor)
Ph.D., MBA, M.Sc., SLET

Research Interest :
Finance, CSR, Business Research

Dr. Sunita Verma
Dr. Sunita Verma(Assistant Professor)
M.A., MBA, Ph.D.

Research Interest :
Organisational Behaviour, Human Resource Management

Dr. Rajesh Sharma
Dr. Rajesh Sharma(Assistant Professor)
M.A. (Eco.), MPhil, PhD, NET

Research Interest :
Public Finance, Econometrics/ Rural Development and Panchayati Raj, Development Economics

Dr. Nitin Kishore Saxena
Dr. Nitin Kishore Saxena(Assistant Professor)
Ph.D, M.Com, B.Com(H)

Research Interest :

Dr. D.Suresh Kumar
Dr. D.Suresh Kumar(Assistant Professor)

Research Interest :
Marketing Management

Mr. Sumit Kulshrestha
Mr. Sumit Kulshrestha(Assistant Professor)
MBA, UGC-NET, Ph.D. Pursuing

Research Interest :
Finance(Derivatives,Corporate Finance), Banking & Insurance

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